Bulova Vs Seiko: What Are The Main Differences?

After reading their records, you must be surprised by how much Bulova and Seiko have contributed to the watchmaking industry.

They both are good options for watch lovers.

So, Bulova vs Seiko, which is your favorite? They have their own features that win your heart. But if you can only choose one, the decision will be tough. 

This guide will get you covered by comparing the two companies in important factors. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Quick Summary & Comparison Table

Bulova has bold and trendy designs. Moreover, if you prioritize accuracy and style, this option will be your best choice. On the other hand, Seiko offers classic and versatile designs. They have developed with their remarkable innovation mindset. 

Criteria  Bulova Seiko
Movement Excellent Good 
Design Fashionable and bold Versatile 
  • Water-resistant
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Lumibrite  hands
  • Power backup
  • In-house calendar 
  • Water-resistant
  • Power reserve
  • Lumibrite hands
  • Hardlex crystal
  • Automatic
Cost $60 to $1,260 $30 to $5,300

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Overview Of Bulova

Bulova watch company has many remarkable achievements

Joseph Bulova created the J. Bulova Company in America in 1875. But it wasn’t until 1919 that the business began mass producing watches that the business really dominated the marketplace.

This watch brand drew a lot of attention by working with the American government during the “Space Race” time in the 1960s and 1970s.

The watchmaker improved accuracy by using a tuning fork rather than a balancing wheel in their electro-mechanical Accutron(1) in 1960. 

This technology was so impressive that NASA used it in all its timepieces, including the spaceship panel clocks on the moonwalk mission. 

When Bulova launched the Bulova Precisionist, which is the most accurate quartz timepiece ever, the company made significant advancements.

In 2016, the company continued its success with the Bulova CURV, the world’s first curved chronograph watch. It represented another massive achievement in watchmaking innovation.

This watchmaker released their NN50 caliber in 2014, maintaining their record of accuracy, thanks to the well-known UHF (Ultra High Frequency) system. 

Now, Bulova is a subsidiary of Citizen Watch Co. This group also includes other units, each having individual accomplishments in the industry.  

Overview Of Seiko

Seiko has invented various impressive technologies

Seiko is a Japanese watchmaker established in 1881. In Japanese, “Seiko” means “exquisite” or “success.”

The company started as a jewelry store in Tokyo by Kintaro Hattori. Ten years later, Seiko launched its first model, the Seikosha, and began clock production.

In 1924, Seiko released its first watch to the general public. Later in 1969, the company gained recognition with their Astron, the first quartz timepiece in the world. 

In 1977, Seiko presented a solar-powered wristwatch as part of their ongoing innovation in the watch market.

In 1999, the watchmaker made the first timepiece using their unique Spring Drive technology(2), made exclusively for space flight. The competition between Seiko and Citizen in this category was fierce then. 

Another notable advance for this well-known watchmaking firm occurred in 2012 when Seiko decided to revive “Astron” for their GPS solar watches.  

The brand-new Astron watch was a genuine amazement and a masterpiece. It came with numerous characteristics, including its capacity to automatically re-adjust based on the current time zone. 

Differences Between Bulova Vs Seiko

Bulova and Seiko offer many products, each with unique features. Hence, we only focus on the characteristics that represent their value the most when comparing the two brands.  


Bulova is famous for its excellent movement

Given their pricing ranges, both brands won’t let you down regarding accuracy and movement. 

First, Bulova makes high-quality quartz watches like its counterpart. The accuracy of their watches always stays on the top, with their Precisionist line being the best. 

The Precisionist movement from this watchmaker is well-known for its high-precision quartz timekeeping, which gives a sharp, sweeping pattern of the second’s hand. You can find this feature in the Spring Drive series from Seiko. 

Besides, the Precisionist(3) movement is the world’s most accurate quartz system. You will be impressed with its accuracy of -/+ 10 seconds annually. 

Seiko is renowned for creating an incredible in-house movement; therefore, they offer their customers good value. 

Although Seiko offers many terrific automatic and quartz movements, the “Spring Drive” technology of Grand Seiko models remains unbeatable. 

Spring Drive is a perfect combination of automatic and quartz movement. With the benefits of both systems, it has phenomenal precision. 

The quartz battery works nicely with the high torque mainspring. Thus, the second hand can smoothly sweep around the watch dial with an accuracy of -/+ 15 seconds per month.


Choose the best design based on your taste

There are various product lines under the two brands. They may express a unique vibe you can’t even find in their counterparts in the same category. 

Moreover, your personal taste determines the style that suits you most. Hence, there is no winner in this round. 

Wristwatches have different designs. Yet, the ones from the same manufacturer often deliver similar messages, hence a similar style. 

For example, Bulova dials have a more complex and intricate design. When checking the Bulova moon watch, Marine Start, Lunar Pilot, and CURV lines, you will notice this trait. 

Besides, Bulova products look more fashionable and bolder than their competitors. Most have colorful materials, so you can easily steal the spotlight with them. 

On the other hand, Seiko provides more versatility and a wider range of timepieces(4) compared to its competitor. The watchmaker has options for all categories, including sports and pilot watches. 

Dress timepieces from this watchmaker are noticeable too. The dressy designs will catch your attention at first sight. 


Both watches have multiple features

These watchmakers include multiple features in their products to stand out in the competitive market. Let’s see what your options are.

If you choose Bulova wristwatches, you will get the following benefits:

  • Water-resistant: Most products from this maker can resist water up to 200 meters in depth. 
  • Sapphire crystal: These non-reflective crystals look gorgeous and are scratch-resistant. 
  • Lumibrite hands: LumiBrite hands of these watches are famous for helping you see the time in darkness. 
  • Battery backup: These wristwatches come with a fantastic power backup of up to 50 hours. 
  • In-house calendar: The in-house calendar systems can keep the date and time up to date without manual adjustment. 

Seiko has some features similar to its competitor but in a different way. To be more specific, here is what you can get from a Seiko watch:

  • Water-resistant: You can wear watches from this brand to swim and dive. The ability to resist water differs from model to model. 
  • Power reserve: These watches can run for about 40 hours thanks to the considerable power reserve. 
  • Lumibrite hands: The glowing dial allows you to see it even in the dark. 
  • Hardlex crystals: Hardlex crystal is durable. However, its quality depends on the sapphire crystals used to make it. 
  • Automatic: You don’t have to charge Seiko automatic watches because they run when you move your arm.


Both are not luxury brands. As a result, you easily get high-quality timepieces with high accuracy at a low cost. 

Seiko has a wide price range, from $30 to $5,300. There must be an ideal option for your budget, no matter if you are looking for a high-end luxury model or a cost-effective one. 

Bulova watches may cost from $60 to $1,260. Most of them are around $300 to $700. The more features a watch has, the more expensive it is.

Pros And Cons

Although both watchmakers produce excellent watches, they have their own pros. Also, each still needs to improve in some aspects to adapt to the higher demands of customers. 

If you buy a Bulova watch, you will get these pros and cons: 


  • This watchmaker has been very famous for its accuracy and functionality. 
  • There are many models from different styles for you to choose from. 
  • Digital watches from this vast collection are worth trying. 
  • The tuning fork technology has gained a lot of fame worldwide. 


  • Some models have too many features that confuse wearers sometimes. 

If you like Seiko, expect these benefits and drawbacks: 


  • Watches from this company are straightforward, as expected from a Japanese brand. 
  • The versatility is a big plus, giving you the best option for every purpose, from playing sports to joining formal events. 
  • The sleek designs make them perfect for business settings. 
  • It can be a cost-effective option for all budgets. 


  • The traditional watchmaking of this brand can be a weak and strong point. You can hardly find a modern-looking item in their collection. 

Which Watch Should You Choose?

Search for the best deal to save your money

We have compared Seiko vs. Bulova. So which is your winner? It would be best to select the best in each round. 

  • Design: Follow your heart in this round. If you are a big fan of classic designs, Seiko is the obvious choice. And if you love fashion, Bulova will be superior. 
  • Accuracy: Bulova should be your go-to in this term. Seiko is still good, but they need improvement to defeat their competitor. 
  • Price: Both offer mid-range products. However, Seiko has a wider price range that suits more people despite their financial condition. 
  • Extra features: Each product from both companies has different features. You should check the description carefully before getting the best purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Bulova made in China?

No. In fact, Citizen bought this company in 2007. After becoming a subsidiary of this group, the company produces most of its products in Hong Kong, Japan, and Switzerland. 

2. Are Seiko watches as good as Swiss watches?

Yes. As with Swiss watches, Seiko’s watches come in different quality levels. Grand Seiko timepieces(5) are on par with, if not superior, their Swiss counterparts.

Seiko is among the most well-known companies in the industry. Comparing them to some substantial Swiss movements indicates how highly appreciated their technologies are. 

3. Is Bulova Swiss or American?

It’s American-made. It started in 1876 in New York, United States. But in 2007, a Japanese company, Citizen Watch Co., purchased it. 

Final Verdict

Bulova has bold and trendy designs. Moreover, if you prioritize accuracy and style, this option will be your best choice. 

On the other hand, Seiko offers classic and versatile designs. They have developed with their remarkable innovation mindset. 

So which one suits you more? Please feel free to share your opinions about those timepieces and mention your favorite. Let’s see which team has more fans! 

Thank you for stopping by!


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