Bulova Fake vs Real: How to Identify the Real Ones?

Bulova watches are a famous brand and the choice of many consumers. Today’s market is difficult to control because fake goods can be up to 90% like the real thing.

And if you want to avoid losing a large amount of money on a poor-quality product, you should know how to distinguish between a real and a fake Bulova watch! The good news is, counterfeit Bulova watches can be identified with a reasonable degree of certainty if you do the research properly.

Let me show you in this short guide how to find out the real ones.


Bulova Watches Information

Bulova is a brand founded by Joseph Bulova. Bulova’s predecessor was a small jewelry store opened in 1875 in New York, USA. In 1911, Joseph Bulova founded the J. Bulova Watch Group, from which he began manufacturing and selling desk and pocket watches.

In 2008, Bulova was officially acquired by Citizen – Japan’s leading watch brand. Thus, Bulova watches are American watch brands with Swiss quality standards and are distributed by Citizens of Japan. 

Experiencing many changes in time and history and the emergence of new watch brands. However, Bulova is still an attractive name and occupies an important place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts, proving this American brand’s class.

Why Is It Important to Know How to Check Bulova Fake Vs Real?

bulova fake vs real

Nowadays, there are numerous imitation watches from well-known brands. Therefore, the possibility of you buying fake and poor quality is extremely significant.

In addition to spending money on fake items, using low-quality materials might lead to health risks. Not only are fake watches easily damaged, but they do not come with a guarantee. As a result, knowing how to examine real Bulova watches is essential, especially when fake watches are as sophisticated as they are now.

Ways to Spot Fake Bulova Vs Real Bulova

Determining the Bulova Brand

To check genuine Bulova watches with fake, you must first know how the product is real, specifically: What does it look like? What details are there? What kind of typical sounds does the watch emit?

Accordingly, you can easily find out this information on the company’s official website. Bulova watches currently have two famous product lines: Bulova Accuswiss and Bulova Accutron. The value and movement of each line are different, but Bulova Accuswiss uses Swiss movement with higher quality, so the value is higher.

Check the Price

The price of fake Bulova watches is usually much lower than genuine watches. You can refer to the prices listed on Bulova’s official website. Then compare with the selling price of the Bulova watch models on the market. This is the simplest way to check fake, and real Bulova watches. It can be applied to test all watch models, such as Reef Tiger, Ogival, Longines, Tissot, etc.

Authentic Certification

One of the best ways to look for authentic Bulova watches is at a store that displays an authorized dealer certificate. Another important factor is that Bulova watches always have their worldwide warranty card attached. If the store just offers a guarantee, there is a great risk of purchasing fake items.

Legitimate Bulova watches come with a watch box, a bag, a user manual, and a worldwide warranty card. Furthermore, the associated equipment must appear authentic, with nothing missing. Bulova brand knockoff watches frequently lack accessories. This clearly shows that the watch is being offered without any accompanying documentation, implying that it is a forgery.

Check the Details

Most true Bulova watches are made with sapphire crystal and mineral glass. This material may not be used in fake watches. Looking at the watch glass, we can identify the difference between fake and real Bulova watches. Simply put a drop of water on the surface and tilt it away from you. If water gathers in one spot, it is a natural sapphire. Moreover, a real Bulova will be heavier than a knockoff.

Besides, when observing genuine Bulova watches, we will see that the dial is printed with an extremely sharp, well-balanced layout. Even the smallest lines can be read and not blurred. If it is Bulova Accutron, Bulova Accuswiss, you will see the words “Swiss Made” at 6 o’clock. This inscription is printed symmetrically and clearly. 

Listen to the Sound

Bulova, the most well-known American business, has spent hundreds of years developing and producing watch movements. In particular, the second hand of an authentic watch would move smoothly, constantly, and effortlessly without pause. The sound of counterfeit versions of the Bulova line, on the other hand, is often loud and jerky like a wall clock.

listen to the sound of the second hand

Bulova Watch Strap

Bulova brand uses many different materials to make watch straps. It can be leather, metal, fabric, ceramic, silicone, rubber, etc. We will try to check the 2 most popular wire materials:

  • Leather strap: Each needle is clear, careful, and perfectly spaced. Bulova is similar to how to spot fake Citizen and identify Gruen watches. There is a brand code, a watch serial, and a buckle with the brand logo or the Bulova logo printed below the pendant.
  • Metal strap: The metal band of a Bulova watch is fairly strong. You hold the watch tightly and shake it back and forth. If the wire movement is not distinct, it is a real watch. When oscillating, a fake watch typically feels loose. You can identify counterfeit Bulova based on the characteristics we referred to.

The Tricks Sellers of Fake Bulova Watches Often Use (Beware!)


Discount is a psychological attack on buyers, giving a very low price compared to the market with a discount post. They may make up hundreds of reasons, then provide you with a tempting discount (50%-70%). 

This discount will make many consumers feel attracted and powerless over their actions. You must maintain your sanity when faced with significant discounts posted from stores, especially online shops with ambiguous information.

Mix the Fake And the Real Ones Together

This is particularly typical in unethical business stores, placing profits before clients. It will be quite easy to identify counterfeit Bulova at a store if 90% of the watches are real and 10% are fake. Things will be exchanged if you don’t pay attention when you pay. This mixing and swapping of products can occur without the knowledge of the workers or the store owner, but it can also happen with the business owner’s knowledge.


Is Bulova’s Quality Good?

Yes. Bulova watches are famous for their attractive vintage designs, equal luxury, and exceptional quality with leading stone, diamond, and high-grade materials. Bulova watches are considered an extremely high-quality accessory. 

Many people think that Bulova is a replica Baume watch. However, this brand is always researching and creating movements that reach the peak of technology, such as the watches in the Precisionist collection with a vibration frequency of 262kHz – eight times higher than standard watches, with accuracy up to 1/1000th of a second.

Do Bulova Watches Have Diamonds?

How To Check Bulova Fake Vs Real

Depending on the model line, Bulova watches are studded diamonds or not. Bulovas diamond-encrusted items are focused primarily on women. For example, the 96P144 is a premium accessory designed specifically for ladies by the Bulova watch company. The manufacturer has attached 12 diamonds to the number pile to assist the owner in standing out more in the eyes of everyone. A creative and beautiful way to display the traditional numbers on the dial.

Are Bulova Watches a High-end Model?

The answer is no. 

Bulova watches are not considered high-end. Most of its watch designs are sold in the low-price segment, about $2,000 and above. However, Bulova watches still offer outstanding quality movements and impressive durability at this price point.


Choosing and possessing a gorgeous quality watch from a reputable brand is a must for many people to demonstrate their status. However, don’t put yourself in extra dangerous cases because of a little hurry or the imaginary beauty of the exterior. 

Before making a purchase, save this article and equip yourself with a thorough understanding of how to thoroughly identify fake vs real Bulova watches.